Garware Balbhavan

It all started when I got an email from a friend. I generally don’t like forwarded emails, but this had an article by Mrs. Shobha Bhagwat attached to it. So I opened the attachment and read it.

The article was very inspiring. It talked about how to handle children, how to have fun with them, how to give them their freedom and how to inspire them. The article was a very good read and so I googled the name ‘Shobha Bhagwat’. I ended up on the website of Garware Balbhavan, Then I read everything there was to read on the website and saw their work. I was and still am very impressed by the work they are doing.

Garware Balbhavan is in Pune (Opp. Sarasbaug). The website has very good contact details and a map that will take you to the physical location. I really hope you go and visit the website and contribute to a great cause in any way you can. If you have more information about other good work thats being done, please post it in the comments to this post.

Here is some information from their website. (I hope they don’t mind me posting it here)

What is Balbhavan?

Children on a slide

Balbhavan is more than just a centrally located two-acre playground for children in Pune or a recreation center that serves as an area for social and cultural activity. In the psyche of thousands of Punekars across the world, Balbhavan is synonymous with a magical childhood enriched by varied experiences, new discoveries and warm, child-respecting adults.

Balbhavan is the creation of Mrs. Shobha Bhagwat (known to all as Shobha Tai) and her team of 50 dedicated, trained child care professionals. This institution not only moulds children into compassionate, articulate, clear-thinking individuals but also guides their parents into becoming socially aware, responsible adults through all its multifarious activities.

Garware Balbhavan formally opened its doors and its heart to the children of Pune on September 1, 1985 with one single aim: Provide children with moments of joy that they are unable to derive either from schools or from their homes.

At Balbhavan, children play freely in wide, open spaces. Due to this, their appetite grows, they feel hungry. They sleep quietly with ease. They remain happy and content. Their concentration improves. The multifarious experiences they are exposed to at Balbhavan enhance their self-confidence. By performing many skilled operations with their own hands, they grow into knowledgeable, self-reliant individuals. They learn many new things easily. From all this, they effortlessly learn many core life values. The environment of Balbhavan, which is one of love, trust and freedom helps in the all round development of children.

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  1. Shirin
    July 13, 2010 at 9:01 am

    This really anice article. I have heard about Balbhavan, it is really good & they have very interactive sessions/ games for children! Parents have very good experiances of this place!

  2. July 13, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Rohan Joshi from Pune emailed me this. Thanks a lot Rohan.

    “Dear Mayuresh,

    First thank you for sharing the blog update & congrats for starting the blog once again.

    Regarding the Garware Balbhavan,

    I am from Pune. and my daily route for office to home via Garware Balbhavan!

    The Balbhavan is really a great place for children to play and perform other activities.”

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