Thoughts, Language and Make-up

Thoughts, Language and Make-up

Expressing oneself coherently with the optimal number of words in an interesting way is an art. I would go so far as to say that its a gift given only to a selected few. Having good ideas and thoughts is another skill. But what is crippling is having great thoughts, but not being able to express them in an acceptable manner. It is like having a great software, but failing to make it user-friendly. The correct choice of words, the difference in meanings between translations of languages and thinking and writing in different languages are some factors that lead to a mismatch of ideas in the head and on paper. A try to write something in a disorganized collection of words causes the readers to react in a negative way and in turn puts crushes the confidence of the writer. The writer starts thinking that his thoughts are not good enough, when in reality its the expression that needs some work.

But I still think if one wants to write something, he/she should just go ahead and write it. Great thoughts will always be appreciated and they may not need the support of good sentence structure or language. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against writing well. Reading something that has been written well is like watching a great sculpture being meticulously crafted by an expert. The point that I am trying to make is, good thoughts will always be welcome. Even if only a few people read them or understand the flow. Its like the beauty of a woman and make-up. A beautiful woman is always beautiful, any time of the day, month or year. She is beautiful without make-up. Make-up may enhance her beauty (it sometimes doesn’t), but the beauty does not need the support of cosmetics. If you consider a great thought or an idea as a beautiful woman, it does not need the make-up of impressive language. The thought may reach fewer people, but it will still be as powerful or good as it always was.

So many of us are scared at what others might think if we write something poorly, that we don’t even try. We spend more time thinking about how others will react instead of thinking about what we will write about. Furthermore, I am just trying to follow my own advice here by writing something in English. The flow of ideas may be choppy and the sentence structure may be appalling but as they say, its the thought that counts.

— Mayuresh

  1. आल्हाद alias Alhad
    July 6, 2011 at 5:32 am

    its the thought that counts.

    very well said bro!

    ppl do have complex abt their language and u hv described most typcl complex that hw ll ppl think abt em!

    thnx fr writing dis. hope ppl get conveyed wit d proper message n start wrtng dwn their honest thoughts!


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