Two stories about __________

Two stories about __________

The first one I heard on an online video and the second one I wrote myself. It is a work of fiction, but I think it tries to convey a subtle point. Feel free to fill in the blank in the title with a suitable word or term after reading the two stories.

First story that I heard on a video (just can not remember where it was?)

A man has a problem with his expensive watch, so he takes it to the watchmaker (it is the 1800s when watchmakers were respected for their craftsmanship and precision). The man is furious because his expensive watch does not work properly and thinks there is a problem with one of the dials. He tells this to the watchmaker who listens to him, then asks him to sit down and have a drink as he repairs the watch. There is classical music playing in the background and the watchmaker starts working on this exquisite piece of techonology that he created with his own hands. The man who is curious to see what is wrong with his watch starts inspecting the watchmaker’s actions. The watch is open, all it’s dials and levers showing and the man notices there are small inscriptions on the dials.

The man asks the watchmaker, “There is writing on those dials. Why go through all the trouble of fine inscriptions especially when it is inside a watch and no one can see it?”

The watchmaker replies, “It is for God. God can see it!”

Second story (that I basically made up)

The king feels like listening to some music, so he summons his best musician. The musician presents himself in court and the king orders him to perform. The musician politely refuses. The king feels disobeyed and disrespected in front of the whole court and orders the musician again,
“I am your king and I order you to perform.” The musician says, “My heart is not ready to perform and any music I play now may feel nice to you, but will only disappoint me. When the time is right, I will give my best performance.”
The king, now more angry than ever, says “How dare you disobey me? I will behead you for betraying me like this…”
The musician replies, “I serve God and if I betray my art, the gift that he has given me, I will have to answer to him in his court. I am not disobeying you, I am obeying my heart. I will be more scared of being beheaded if I perform now.”

I am still struggling to find a word to fill the gap. I think all I want to say is be honest to yourself and your work. Don’t do something because no one is watching…because your conscience is always watching!

– Mayuresh

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