Thank you and Sorry

Thank you and Sorry

I, and many other people, complain that these two words are losing their meaning because they are overused. I myself use them quite a lot and try to express gratitude or an apoplogy every time I say/type them. But it is difficult to convey the message even if you mean it, because other people use it when they don’t mean it.

So here is a simple suggestion. Instead of just saying ‘thanks’ or ‘sorry’ try to make a sentence out of it. Say something like “Thank you for caring” or “Thank you for being there when I really needed you” or “I tried my best, but I am sorry that I could not help you” or “I am sorry that you feel that way, but here is what I think…” I think this is important in telling the other person that you mean it. Making a sentence summarizes what you are thankful or sorry for and hence tells the listener that you have thought about him. A dead-ended ‘sorry’ is meaningless, but saying why you are sorry tell someone that you have understood his/her views. The downside is that if you have not understood their perspective, then you will get caught easily. I think that makes it more genuine.

I hope many people don’t start using this tip, because overuse may ruin it too. But if you are really thankful or really sorry, say it like you mean it.

Thank you for your time.

— Mayuresh

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